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Heart Score & Low Dose Lung Screening

Make the smart choice!

In the US cardiovascular disease:

Leading cause of death

805,000 heart attacks each year

695,000 deaths each year

(1 every 33 seconds)

Health care costs of $239 billion

Who should get a coronary calcium screening exam?

  • family history of heart disease

  • tobacco use 

  • high cholesterol

  • diabetes

  • high blood pressure

  • overweight

  • inactive lifestyle

How do I get a coronary calcium or lung screening?

As Heard on WFAN with JMV

  • Call and schedule with Meridian Radiology 

  • No Doctor order required

  • No needles invasive procedure or pain

  • Scan takes about 10-15 minutes

  • Costs $49.00

  • Know your results when you leave

  • Results forwarded to your primary care doctor

Lung Screening stats_edited.jpg

Who Should Get a

Low Dose Lung Screening?

Why Get a Lung Screening?

  • 238,340 new cases in 2023

  • 127,070 deaths in 2023

  • Leading cause of cancer death in US

  • A disease of the elderly usually >65 yo

  • Overall risk 1 in 17 people

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