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Meridian Radiology
  • Mobile X-ray

  • Mobile Ultrasound

  • Mobile Echocardiography

  • Mobile Screening Mammography

  • MRI

  • CT

  • Same day service

  • Web access to images and reports

Image is everything.


Our mission is to improve lives by providing affordable, accessible, high-quality healthcare for all. 


Meridian Radiology is proud to offer low-cost, flat-rate pricing for all of our services.  We believe in transparency.


Meridian Radiology stays ahead of the curve by utilizing advanced technology.


We research and implement the latest imaging options available, allowing Meridian Radiology to provide the best in mobile diagnostic imaging healthcare.


Whether you can come to us or need us to come to you, Meridian Radiology can provide it all. 


We have a convenient location in Downtown Indianapolis and we serve 23 counties in central Indiana.

Meridian Medical Services

Learn more about all the other services offered through Meridian Medical Services:

Meridian Visiting Physicians, Meridian Diagnostics & Medical Determination, Meridian Laboratory Services, and Meridian Primary Care

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