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Meridian Radiology performs all mobile examinations in the patient's setting, eliminating the need to transport patients from their facility or home. 


Our mobile service:

  • reduces cost associated with patient transportation

  • reduces patient risk of exposure to illness and infection 

  • improves patient care


  • mobile imaging services - offered throughout central Indiana  

  • scheduled appointments/walk-ins - downtown Indianapolis location


  • web-based system 

  • rapid report turnaround times

  • EHR interface for reports and images

Portable Digital X-Ray



Meridian Radiology utilizes state of the art digital diagnostic imaging technology, allowing for excellent image quality and rapid report turnaround times.  We perform all examinations in the patient's setting, reducing risks associated with transportation and exposure to both illness and infection. 









Portable Ultrasound & Echocardiography

Meridian Radiology utilizes cutting edge portable ultrasound equipment manufactured by MindRay and Koven.  This technology is delivered in a laptop allowing our sonographers to perform all examinations in the comfort of the patient’s room.

Meridian Radiology stays ahead of the curve by utilizing advanced technology. We research and implement the latest imaging options available, allowing Meridian Radiology to provide the best in mobile diagnostic imaging healthcare.

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